It’s Crufts week!

So it’s that time of year again!  We get very excited in the build up to Crufts, here at Petissimo (well apart from the cats).  It is lovely to be able to put faces to email addresses, or social media accounts of pet businesses we have either worked for or follow and interact with.  This year we have been working with pet healthcare company Mark and Chappell markandchappell.comWe can’t wait to see one of Sabrina’s canvases on display in their portrait competition.  If you’re at Crufts and would like to win a portrait of your furbaby, head over to see them in Hall 5 Stand 79.

Then there are the many charities exhibiting at the show, with dogs doing amazing things!  Our particular favourite from last year being Canine Partners  Their stand demonstrates the wonderful intelligence of dogs, assisting with all manner of tasks around the house, their partner finds challenging.  If you’re visiting Crufts, we would very much suggest going to meet them and watch the feats that Canine Partners dogs are capable of in Hall 2 Stand 84.

Obviously, Crufts is all about the dogs!  We absolutely love taking a stroll around and meeting all of the different breeds.  Paul’s ‘Top Dog’ at the moment, is the Bernese Mountain Dog, who are part of the working group.  He perhaps didn’t realise last year, when he lay down with them to cuddle for hours, he was taking the place of a queue of children!
Can’t wait…???

Petissimo Portraits are now ‘On The Hill’!

Yesterday we had a beautiful moment with The Vet on The Hill Family!
Sabrina had been secretly working on a portrait of his lovely Border Terrier, Betty. It was quite moving to see Dr. Scotty’s reaction, upon  giving him a little surprise!  Scott went into a daze, ignoring the other portraits we had produced for the surgeries, focusing only on Betty! Without wishing to offend, he then started upon deciding where he could hang his beloved pooch. A photo session ensued, posting pics immediately on social media and texting to Scott’s wife and kids!
If you’re local or visit Richmond to see the views ‘from the hill’, come inside to take a look at  our portraits.  You will also be able to find them in their St. Margarets and Isleworth practices.
Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are thinking about a portrait of your furry friend…
Look out for #WeLovePets!
Look out for @drscottym and his fantastic @vetrichmondhill team , Monday evenings at 9pm on More4.
Sabrina&Paul ?


Hard Work but Fun at PP!

A perfect challenge for us, to capture the mood of the dogs during grooming! Between barking, licking and cuddles we spent three hours taking a multitude of pictures for Ellie’s website (soon to be online!).

A lot of concentration and energy was needed to avoid face licking and camera nudging, whilst taking shots! But in the end nothing better than a nice smile from the team and some more doggy cuddles, to finish the day at Perfect Pooch!



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Pets Inspire Style!

I love how working with pets inspires the creatives in our field to constantly deliver on new colours, designs and concepts.  Every day, through our work and social media streams, we see a beautiful array of collars, beds and other accessories to spoil our furry friends!

I am always looking for inspiration and new ideas to create different adverts and styles for pet services, but also to find new ways to express myself through drawing pet portraits (which I love so much!).

I would love to read your comments about my new ‘pedigree portrait’ style where I hope to reflect the shape and physical characteristics of each breed in the illustration, whilst also using some adjectives to best describe the breeds temperament.

Sabry ❤️

Just hanging out…?

‘Mum was working hard today on some website, tweet, post or something, so I was bored…

Not sure if I was annoying her, but she decided to put me in the bag I used to sleep in a lot when I was a kitten.

Actually it’s pretty comfortable, so I decided to stay in the bag all day!’

Capu ❤️


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Buongiorno a tutti e buon inizio settimana! ?

Pensavo che fosse giusto pubblicare un post anche in italiano, dal momento che da queste parti si parla anche questa lingua storica e funzionale, come descritta da un’ opera letteraria.

Anche se divisi da qualche chilometro in più, non esitate a contattarci! Che siate amanti degli animali, ‘breeders’ (= allevatori), negozi, groomers (= toelettatori), charity, cat o dog sitter, veterinari, saremo lieti di trovare insieme a voi una soluzione per la vostra attività o passione. Che sia un progetto grafico, un sito web o un ritratto del vostro amico peloso, il nostro scopo è quello di dare forma alle vostre idee!

Inoltre, ci occupiamo di migliorare la vostra immagine sui social media, oltre che a livello grafico, incrementando la vostra popolarità, creando ad hoc nuovi canali di comunicazione.


PS = Se poi non lavori nel settore dei ‘pets’, raccontami del progetto che vorresti realizzare. Sarò lieta di mettere al tuo servizio la mia esperienza ventennale nel settore della grafica.











This is one of my favourite moments of the day!

I forget to do other things, sometimes to eat, but I never forget to kiss and cuddle my cats!

When I hug my cats I feel refreshed and energised! Ok, now a bit less refreshed, from when Cappuccio decided to spend a lot of time meowing and claiming attention whilst I was ‘hard at work’!

Like a true Burmese, he demands a lot of attention… Fortunately we are thinking of taking a third cat to give him someone to talk to!

Sabry ❤️


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And here he is later in the evening, relaxing in his new bed after harassing his poor mother! ?





As they say, time flies… It didn’t seem long ago at all, that we were building our logo and vision for Petissimo.

A lot has changed over the course of twelve months, but our love of and passion to work with beautiful creatures remains constant.

Hope to meet you and the fantastic animals you work with in 2016!