Work Hard, Play Hard! ????????❤️

Have we ever told you we adore spending our spare time building jigsaws? ????

Well, this is the case! In the last six years we worked hard to make Petissimo the dynamic and appreciated business it is now. We started from scratch, moved by passion for animals and their world! But in the last few years we have started to realise the importance of balance between work and spare time.

As with a lot of freelance people, we spent our initial years with days full of thoughts, ideas and plans! We lived with the impression it was never enough what we were doing to develop our ‘brand’ and showcase our work! When you also consider Paul moved down Manchester a few years before my 2013 arrival in London, the level of stress has reached top levels at times…

The past couple of years have made us able to see our lives from different perspectives. Partly of course, due to the array of interesting people we have met and worked with, who totally trusted and loved our work and professionalism, and partly because life must also contain fun, reflection and relaxation (definitely needed to produce fresh and original graphics!).

So, building jigsaws has become one of our favourite pastimes. Not only a mental challenge, but one to find more space on the wall for a new frame!

Koi fish

What have you found that helps takes your mind away from work and the other difficulties life throws at us?