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We’re a small design team, passionate about advertising beautiful things – we love taking what you believe in and advertising it to the world (or more locally…)!
From initial consultation, all our designs are tailored to your needs and unique to each client. We believe communicating with you throughout the process, brings results our clients are involved in and therefore really happy with.  
Sabrina originates from Milan (the city of fashion and beauty!).  Which, combined with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, puts you in very safe and creative hands!


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We're based in London & Milan

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Advantages to work with a small graphic design team:

Working with a small team speeds up consultation and coordination.

We consider the client as part of our family. With a small group it is easier to get know each other, creating a close and caring atmosphere.

We ensure all aspects of your brand identity are not similar to others in your category or industry. Everything is personalised and unique.

We can save you time and money! You will not have to go through multiple iterations before arriving at the design for you! Smaller teams also allow for greater flexibility in terms of efficiency and payment agreements.

1. Let's talk
Contact us by telephone, email, social or chat. Tell us about your business and the project you’re considering…then the Magic starts!
2. Content
Once we have an initial plan, we'll need you to share any brand identity you already have or have in mind if we are working on your brand identity. These include: logo, photography, colours and fonts.
3. Concept
We take the time to appreciate the look and feel of your business, to start the process!
4. Design
In a few days, we will have some initial creations for you to review! We generally offer three designs, for our client to choose one to develop and refine.
5. Like it
Reviews are great, but more important to us is your feedback throughout the process.
6. Payment
For smaller projects we ask for full payment in advance, with larger projects requiring agreed staged payments.


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