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We at Petissimo would love to help you show off your skills and services for all things pets! As a design company, we work solely in the animal world, allowing us to focus on the beauty and enjoyment pets bring to individuals and families.

Sabrina - Graphic Designer
I qualified with a Doctorate in Literature and Arts, from the oldest recognised University in the World (University of Bologna) and now have over 20 years design experience. In 2013 I moved from my home town of Milan (with my two cats!), to live and work in London. I love to look for, take pictures and make images of beautiful things. Pets fit perfectly with my passion for design, the work I produce for Petissimo is a pleasure; creating little pockets of beauty in a world that I adore!
Paul - Marketing Manager
My profession is as a teacher, which found me moving from the city of Manchester to London in 2010, where I met Sabrina. My love of animals, stems from my family - there are not many pets they have not considered or owned over the years! From pedigree dogs, to moggies, rabbits, fish, even snakes and a trial period with a Marmoset Monkey (which did not go too well)…Petissimo gives me further opportunities to visit some wonderful animals.
Cappuccio - Cuddles Coordinator
I am the premier cuddles cat at Petissimo (I cuddle my dad after he showers and whenever mum and dad need). I take my position under the covers each night and talk a lot, but also cuddle my sisters when they need me (particularly when they’ve got the sunny window bed). The first assistant available for any job! (Can’t understand why they never seem to accept my help!). I used to be the Chief Toy Tester, but another cheeky little Burmese came along…
Princess Saby - Chief Toy Tester
Ex youngest and energetic member of Petissimo, I feel it is my duty to show a high degree of curiosity. I will play with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! I am fantastic at what I do and also very modest..
CoccoBello - The Hurricane
A whirlwind of a cat! One day I will calm down, but for now I am happy to play with everything, eat everything and destroy everything.
MareBlu - The Lord Of Sugar
I am so sweet! You will all want to cuddle me all day long. What can I say, I am sweet.
Susy - 2002/2017
I was the official Italian Correspondent of Petissimo. When Mum moved to London I retired and I didn't bother anymore...(you could find me in wardrobes and beds away from the others). I was 15th and I had a fantastic life!
Miele - 1999/2014
I was the boss and chief bed companion of Sabrina. Until Paul decided to join the group (and then I had to share my space). My life with Sabrina was wonderful and I followed her everywhere she decided to go because we loved each other a lot!

Petissimo grew from combining two of our biggest passions:

graphic design and a love of animals

Why not focus on creating beautiful designs to match these wonderful creatures? Our families have had an amazing array of pets over the years, ranging from cats and dogs, to monkeys and snakes! We ourselves have welcomed four beautiful Burmese cats into our home in the last four years, who we love being around every single day. From pet companies who need pet-loving design for their marketing campaigns, to breeders, pet-sitters, vets, groomers and walkers who wish to advertise their services locally and beyond, our wish is to provide you with design that comes from those who share your love of much-cherished animals. It really will be a pleasure for us to work with you!

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